End Food Addictions and Emotional Eating

by novalee truesdell
(rohnert park CA, united states)

I love eating the rawfood diet because it gives me freedom. One might think the opposite when one hears that this "original" diet consists exclusively of raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, but this very thing is what is so liberating.

I have long since been one to obsess over what are the healthiest things to eat, worrying about what will cause me to gain weight, what will make my skin break out, what will give me cancer...and the list of factors goes on and on.

Then there would be the questions of which brand of bread was really whole grain, or wether to melt butter or margarine on your pasta or if scrambled eggs are better if you use only the whites.....my brain was literally bombarded all the time and i could not stop thinking about food and weighing the endless options and feeling overwhelmed by the ever-changing information overload on the topic. Now all that has been silenced and i can have my mind free and clear for more constructive things because i know what to eat with my rawfood diet and i know that i cannot go wrong. For every meal i simply reach for fresh, ripe organic fruit and vegetables, straight from the garden outside my home!!! No distractions, nothing processed or even out of season!!! Food commercials and FDA recommendations need no longer apply to me nor haunt me!!!

I do not have to try to figure out what restaurant i can eat at or if they use rancid oil or i need to make a special request, because i just don't eat out when i have my garden!! Childhood memories of pilsbury cookie dough and oreos are no longer even considered and old comfort foods are just not even an option...i do not need to try to find healthier versions of any of these foods because they just are eliminated completely and thats that. Rawfoods are the end to a back and forth battle raging in my head all the time over what to consume and what was going to harm my body. I know that the best bet and safest option will always be the simplest rawfood options, so i do not even reach for the raw pizza and cashew cheesecakes, but the juicy peaches and mangoes and the crunchy cucumbers and romaine and i just don't need anything else.

My mind and my time go to what i want to do with the rest of my precious life now and to the people i enjoy living it with. Food is no longer something i give much thought to. And I love this new freedom!

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Simplicity is truly Liberating
by: Eric

I so enjoyed reading your experience and totally agree with all of it. Since I have gone raw I too no longer worry or struggle wondering what and when I can eat certain things. I have lost 12lbs in a month and eat whenever I feel the need to, even late at night,the difference being my choice of what to eat raw veggies,fruits and nuts seeds sparingly. I now am able to focus on the truly Important areas within my life, my walk with GOD, JESUS my lord and saviour and my precious little dude Vaughn.Liberation is a blessing it's up to each individual to utilize what GOD put on this Earth naturally. Thank you for your inspiration.

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