Do you get enough protein when you juice?

by Mary

Q Do you get enough protein when you juice?

A Our need for protein is highly exaggerated. Due to the strong lobby of the meat and dairy industry much misinformation finds its way into mainstream publications, institutions, and is pervasive in our society in general. The truth is that too much protein, particularly animal protein is very detrimental to good health. Everyone is different, and body sizes vary greatly, but our daily protein requirments can certainly be gleaned from whole fruits and vegetables and easily from juices.

The USDA and WHO both recommend 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, and many would say that is too much. 10% of calories from protein is the most commonly accepted level of protein intake suggested by most health organizations, however T. Colin Campbell states that “…Only 5-6 percent of dietary protein is required to replace the protein regularly excreted by the body (as amino acids). About 9-10 percent protein, however, is the amount that has been recommended for the past fifty years... " from the The China Study

Every day out bodies are breaking down old cells and salvaging what’s reusable, like the amino acids (protein) and using them as needed in the body. It’s said that 50 to 60% of our protein needs can be met simply recycling the protein within our own bodies.

All fruits and vegetables contain protein; some more than others with greens being very high. Juicing allows you to take in a high volume of fruits and vegetables in the form of concentrated liquid that is loaded with nutrition and protein. People on juice fasts taking only juices or water for days, weeks, or months on end are getting plenty of protein.

Here’s an example of my diet. My morning smoothie is typically comprised of 4 medium oranges, 4 medium bananas, and I head of romaine lettuce. That figures out to 17 grams of protein, and since the body can only assimilate roughly 20 grams of protein per meal that is just about perfect. With one or two more meals to go and perhaps a tall glass of green juice I easily meet my protein requirements.

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