Daily Feel Good

by Hugh

I named this juice daily feel good because that's just how it makes me feel. After I drink it I feel clean, light and energized. As you will see this is a basic juice, but really yummy and super packed with nutrients.

Ingredients for the Daily Feel Good Juice

2 medium cucumbers

½ bunch of celery

½ bunch of flat leaf parsley (or more)

½ lemon, including peel

If you’re not real big on celery then add less and use more cucumber. Don’t have any fresh lemons, how about limes or a small piece of pomelo.

You can mix and match the greens with this super juice as well. Instead of parsley use cilantro, a great heavy metal detoxifier. We always here about how bad lead and mercury are for our health, but nickel is literally a real killer. No matter how healthy your lifestyle is you have nickel toxicity in your body then the big “C” could be in your future.

Nickel is what scientists use to give lab animals cancer so they can do research. It only takes about 6 months to bring about cancer in these poor little guys. Nickel is found in jewelry, watch bands, dental work, and many other places in our daily lives.

Perhaps a good idea would be to alternate parsley and cilantro. Chlorella is also a great metal detoxifier.

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