Corn Chowder

Fresh Raw Organic Corn...Yummmy!

Fresh Raw Organic Corn...Yummmy!

I made this corn chowder recipe the other day and it was Amazing. Several times over the summer I enjoy some fresh corn, and always organic corn grown far away from conventional corn that could be contaminated with GMO’s. I enjoy using corn in simple recipes as opposed to just eating it off the cob because it brings so much to a dish, and this one really worked that comfort food magic on me.

2 ears fresh corn

3 medium tomatoes

1 red bell pepper chopped

1 striped Armenian cucumber

½ cup of rough cut okra

Handful of fresh basil leaves

Juice of ½ lemon

Small handful of dulse (optional)

½ avocado

Remove corn from cob with sharp knife and put aside, cut cucumber and tomato into chunks, place into food processor with okra, basil and lemon juice and pulse until blended but still a little chunky. Add in bell pepper and corn and blend again until desired consistency. I prefer it with some texture and chunkiness to it. If you want some fat add the avocado in the second blend, and if you want a little saltiness add the dulse in the first blend.

My cucumber choice above is Armenian because I prefer the softer skinned varieties, but you can use whatever type you prefer or is available.

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Mar 02, 2013
Hot or Cold
by: Anonymous

I am new at this and would like to know if these soups and chowders are cold or hot?

****Hugh's reply*****

They are room temperature, so not cold or hot, which is the way all foods should be consumed. Both hot and cold foods stress the digestive system and over time contribute to poor health.

Having said that you could warm these ever so slightly with a double boiler pot or such, but completely raw and room temperature is best.

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