Cleansing Weight Loss Delight

by Hugh

When I put this Cleansing Weight Loss Delight recipe together I knew it would be healthy and cleansing and great for weight loss, but I didn’t expect it to taste as good as it does. I thought this soup would taste rather harsh, but I was pleasantly surprised at how great it tasted. The fennel, carrots, ginger and lemon all work together to make this a really pleasant recipe.

Because there is no added water this is a thick soup, which is very filling and satisfying if you’re using the recipe for weight loss. A liquid/blended weight loss regimen is a fantastic way to lose weight and cleanse because you are not hungry between meals and it’s such a healthy way to go.

A large green smoothie for breakfast, some green juice or 5 to 7 oranges for lunch, and one of these healthy soups for dinner done for a week or two will give amazing results in cleansing and shedding excess pounds if there are some to be lost.

You could make a green smoothie or blended soup to take for lunch instead of oranges. This liquid/blended diet is very easy on the digestive system and I think you’ll see amazing results after a short time. Noticeable benefits right away might be something as simple as better sleep, particularly if you typically eat dinner within three hours of your bedtime.

This liquid/blended diet can be done for a weekend or for weeks on end depending on your desired results. Making a variety of the soup and smoothie recipes will give you great balanced nutrition and plenty of energy to carry on your normal routine.

If you're using this recipe for cleansing then you could cut back or eliminate the fat, although some fat can be useful in deep cleansing too.


I beetroot and green tops

1 whole Meyer lemon

Large handful of dandelion greens

1” chunk of fresh ginger root

1 red bell pepper

½ a fennel bulb

1 avocado

1 cucumber

4 to 5 carrots

½ hot pepper

Raw crackers (optional)


Chop and place all ingredients except the crackers in your blender and blend until smooth, approximately 20 seconds with a high powered blender. Add a small amount of water if needed to start the blending process. Pour into a large soup bowl and crumble crackers over the top. This recipe makes two large bowls which would be a filling meal for one or an entrée for two.

If you have any existing health issues you may want to check with your doctor to make sure he or she is OK with you doing a blended/ liquid diet for more than a few days.

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Apr 08, 2014
In Reply To Your ? Re: Dandelions
by: Anonymous2

You can buy dandelion greens in most produce sections of grocery stores and sometimes at farmer's markets. And yes, you can pick your own, BUT take care that you're not picking too close to driveways, roads, etc. (exhaust fumes) or in areas that your pet(s) relieve themselves.

Separate them if tied in bunches, pull out any withered or slimy stalks, wash in cold water, wrap in a towel and stick in the 'fridge.

****Well said. I encourage their growth in my garden by letting them flower and spread seed, and by just picking leaves and leaving the plant to reproduce.

Apr 08, 2014
dandelion greens
by: Anonymous

I have a ? about the dandelion greens? Can you just go out and pick the green stuff right off of a dandelion or do you buy them somewhere? Thank you for your help.

*****See answer above.

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