Celery, Kale and Lemon

by Hugh
(Fairfax, CA)

Satiating Green Juice – Good for dismissing salt cravings

1 bunch celery

1 bunch Kale

1 Lemon

This juice is simply amazing. I find it refreshes, energizes, balances, while it just plain tastes great. It’s so simple to make and relatively inexpensive. You get a major nutrient dose, particularly minerals.

The sodium in the celery takes away any salt cravings you may have been experiencing and the minerals and nutrients are easily assimilated. The lemon gives it a nice little zing while providing its own nutrients and helps with the digestion of the juice.

This is a must try juice!

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by: Anonymous

Is there any value in using celery in a juice drink since it has only trace amounts of vitamins and minerals? The real value of celery is its fiber content which is eliminated in the process. If flavor were added, it would help.


*************Celery has great nutritional value, particularly for those people who are active and need to replace minerals like sodium lost in perspiration. Celery is also highly alkaline with good levels of Vitamin A and C, sodium, calcium, potassium, silicon, magnesium and iron. It also contains phytonutrients that are know cancer fighters.

It’s sometimes easy to overlook what seem to be simple fruits and veggies, yet all produce has many nutritional gifts to offer and many we are probably not even aware of in this day and age.

Sorry, but I did not get your comment “if flavor were added". Cheers.

by: Jack is not Anonymous

The pulp can be a great base for any number of nutrient dishes for fibre, which many people are difficient in. In fact, one of the objections to juicing - the only valid one, in my opinion is that the fibre is eliminated.

You can simply mix it with tahini and/or grains like bulgar or quinoa that require minimal cooking if soaked.

If your fervor for completely raw is less than absolute, the pulp can also serve as a base for burgers or quishe when mixed with a binding agent like eggs/apple sauce/corn flour/whole wheat flour, etc...
I never toss the pulp away.

Packaged Kale
by: Diana

When Kale is in a package or container, is that package or container considered as a bunch?

Hugh's reply****

Yes Diana, usually their wrapped together with rubber bands or large twisty ties and those are considered a bunch.

Of course you can modify any of the recipes to meet your own individual needs or taste. Sometimes dark leafy greens can be pretty harsh for someone new to juicing.

by: Anonymous

great juice, thank you for the recipe :)

Salt craving
by: Anonymousleeann

Q>/b> Why does drinking juice help with salt cravings? LeeAnn

A The juice helps with the cravings because it contains the very minerals, sodium being one of them, that your body needs.

The cravings are a way of your body asking for something it needs to operate as designed. Not to be confused with an addiction that puts out cravings for a substance that gives false sensations or feelings (like getting high).

i want to start juicing
by: Anonymous

do u drink the whole batch by yourself or is it a 2 to 3 servings

****Hugh's Reply below******

I drink the whole thing myself, but you should drink what feels best to you. share with a friend if you like or put it in the fridge for later.

No juicer
by: Sharon

Q Do you need to use a juicer, I don't have one, do I peel the lemon?

A You could use a blender and then strain it in a nut milk bag or metal stainer. No, don't bother peeling the lemon, lots of good stuff in that peel.

the lemon
by: Joey

Qdo you peel the lemon?

A No just drop the whole thing in the juicer.

Quantity Question
by: Anonymous

Q Okay. When you say 'bunch' are you meaning the whole entire package of celery and the whole entire kale plant? That is a LOT if you do....

A Yes I do mean a complete bunch of each, but you can alter the recipe to suit your needs.

by: Anonymous

Is it necessary to have the kale in the drink?

*****It's your juice and you can modify it any way you like. Would be nice to have some type of leafy green in there though.

celert, kale, lemon
by: frank

What might be something to do with all of the pulp?

Hugh's reply*****

Pulp is good for your garden, the compost heap, your worm bin, etc.. I'm not big on using veggie pulp in recipes since 95% of the nutritional properties have just been extracted as juice.

Some people do add pulp to soups or stews raw or cooked, but I would want veggies with their full nutrient profile in my recipes, not pulp that is void of most of its nutritional value.

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