Can you juice frozen fruit and veggies?

by Laurie
(fL )

Q Can u juice frozen fruit and veggies?

A Technically yes, but I don’t think it would be very practical for several reasons. First, the whole idea of juicing is to get the fresh nutrients and enzymes from the produce you’re juicing and freezing destroys about two thirds of the nutrients in fresh foods. Second, freezing ruptures the cell membranes of the produce and changes the consistency so that the juicing yield would probably not be that high with lots of your produce ending up in the compost as pulp.

Some frozen fruit could go into a smoothie where the blender will liquefy and mix the entire frozen food into the smoothie. You could add a little frozen fruit to any of these Smoothie Recipes. Fresh is always best, but it's better to use a little frozen fruit than no fruit at all.

Frozen fruit should be thawed before adding to the smoothie. Very cold food and very hot food are a stress on the digestive system.

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by: Anonymous

I live in northern Alberta Canada on an acreage in the big woods. Our summers are very short. We have to, as the saying goes , " make hay while the sun shines."
I pick and preserve everything I can get my hands on, some I freeze, some I can, some in the root cellar, some we shoot, hang and then freeze or can.
On the rare occasion I do eat produce ( or meat ) from the store, I can taste it is not fresh. It is a misnomer to say store bought produce is fresh. How fresh can it be coming from New Zealand, California, Australia or China?
The blueberries, rhubarb, Saskatoons, prairie cherries, etc., preserved in sealing jars or frozen in my freezer pack far more freshness and nutrients than anything I buy from the store. They are preserved within days, sometimes hours within picking, thereby locking in precious nutrients.
I often get a humble feeling pulling a jar of home preserved goods from the shelf in -25 weather, knowing the land and God
have provided a beautiful way to sustain me nutritionally,
through my labor of love, during the unforgiving winter.

*****If you read my comments below I agree with you. I would just not juice frozen then thawed fruit. cheers

juice to help damaged nerve
by: Anonymous

Hi All,
Pls reply to this idea, is it beneficial to add




to frozen fruits and frozen vegetable?

would it help damaged nerves?



*****I don't know if it will help damaged nerves, but it should add some great nutrition to your juice or smoothie.

Frozen is Better for you!
by: Anonymous

Frozen are better then fresh, fresh sits in the store longer and every minute loses it nutrients. Frozen does not. Plus, then it sits in your fridge even longer.

by: Anonymous

Only of the reasons I was considering using frozen then thawed veggies is because it WOULD destroy the cell walls. I would think you would get more juice since the cell walls are destroyed. Just thinking about carrots and such that are very dense.

***A good juicer will crush the cells and extract nearly all the juice available. I can't even imagine trying to juice frozen and then thawed veggies.

I would think Frozen Vegetables are better than "Fresh"
by: Bill Byrd

Fresh vegetables take considerable time to get to the supermarket warehouse, store and, ultimately, the shelves. Also, they are picked, usually, before they are fully mature (i.e. finished growing and absorbing minerals from the soil).

On the otherhand, Frozen vegetables are picked and within hours are /frozen, locking in the nutrients.

Just a thought. What do you think.

Hugh's reply**** Thanks for posting Bill. You're correct that they're frozen shortly after picking so in that regard its good, but lost nutrition due to freezing is a factor. I would say most veggies are picked ripe except for things like tomatoes and anything that comes from south america or over seas. But most greens and staples are picked when mature.

I encourage people to grow their own or shop at the farmers market where some produce is harvested the same day as the market.

I always say fresh is best, but certainly fresh frozen beats out days old and wilted on the super market shelf.

Freezing produce from the farmers market
by: Anonymous

I've been reading the comments regarding fresh vs. frozen and I agree that fresh is better. However, I shop at a produce market where the quantities are large and I tend not to get to use all of it while they are fresh. The amount of kale in the bag is huge and ends up spoiling, wasting the vegetables and my ability to juice fresh. So, if I freeze the kale in potions that i use for juicing I can extend the life of my vegetables and also save my budget. I live alone so I can only use so much of it. Do you think this a good thing? I would appreciate any suggestions as to how to extend the life of my juicing veggies.

***** I wrap all my greens in tea towels before putting into plastic bags in the fridge. Most greens will keep a week this way. Eating frozen is far better than not eating them at all. :)

Good info... however
by: D_rwc

Fruits and veggies are flash frozen usually less than 48 hours after picking and this freezing process stabilizes the minerals and nutrients.

Frozen fruits and vegies in many cases contain far higher levels of nutrients than foods that may have been picked a week (or month) before.

****totally agree with your reference to month old produce D, but remember while freezing may not harm minerals and some other nutrients, it does damage enzymes, vitamins, and other phytonutrients. And most vegetables are blanched before freezing.

All I'm trying to point out is fresh is best. Right off the plant or tree, then from the farmers market, and then after that there can be a considerable time between the farmer and market unless your local market buys direct from locals.

But frozen is certainly a better option than none at all or produce devoid of any nutritional value because of its age and or handling.

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