Can we drink a blend of carrot and beet root juice?

by tareekaa s

Q Can we drink a blend of carrot and beet root juice?

A Sure you can. You can juice just about any blend of fruits and vegetables as long as they don’t cause you digestive distress. Carrots and Beets are quite similar so should be no issue at all. Beets can be quite a cleanser so if you’re not used to them I advise on going easy on the amount you use. Adding some greens and a little lemon to this juice would be an awesome blend.

Sometimes even the best juice blends can give digestive distress because the system is not used to large amounts of fresh raw produce. Digestive stress later on may be from your body cleaning out old toxins and releasing them for elimination. Both of these should pass over time as you clean out and your body adapts to healthy raw foods.

If you're new to juicing then following typical food combining protocol in the early going is not a bad idea.

Food combining can be quite an issue for some people. Combinations like starchy vegetables and sweet fruit, or high protein foods with high starch foods. You can find a food combing chart online that will help explain this further.Food Combining

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