Calcium and a Raw Food Diet

Q. Where do you get your calcium?

A. Leafy greens are loaded with calcium in an easy to assimilate form without the heavy acid burden that comes with dairy products. It’s interesting to note that the countries with the highest rates of Osteoporosis are also the highest consumers of dairy products; where as the countries with the lowest incidence of Osteoporosis have the lowest consumption of dairy products. Fruits like figs, oranges and raw olives also contain high levels of calcium. It’s also interesting to note that when we find these foods in nature they contain all the co-factors needed for uptake of the nutrient profile.

Science shows that it is quite easy to fulfill all your nutritional needs on a raw food diet, with the possible exception of vitamin B-12 and vitamin D, which is also true of the general non raw food population.

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Good one
by: Liam

Thank you so much for sharing

Calcium wanted, oxylate kidney stones present
by: Suzanne

Hello, I seriously need to improve my bones and decrease my high numbers on my dexa scan report,but not increase my calcium oxylate K.Stones. I'm doing a more alkaline diet as i have learned that can save our bones. I should not take calcium tablets, and was advised to avoid the high calcium foods by a urologist. I'm between a rock and a hard spot. Now I have been told to do Reclast and I am avoiding that, and other similar drugs. Any suggestions. I already have several bulging discs in my spine, and a poor neck and hip. Thanks for your help. SW

**********I'm not a doctor, but have discovered a few things over the years. The kind of calcium found in most supplements is not bio available and can cause many health issues, perhaps even kidney stones. I believe calcium found in food sources, greens, figs, oranges, etc. would be beneficial, however calcium is not all that?s need to grow strong healthy bones. A wide variety of nutrients are needed, many of which can be found in whole organic foods, and a natural supplement may be of use as well.

Two supplements that come to mind are QuintEssential, and Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton, both of which have an amazing mineral content that is very bio available. Another product that I have heard that may dissolve kidney stones is Adya Clarity. An internet search will lead to information and a chance to purchase.

Another very important component of bone growth is appropriate exercise. Load bearing exercise is what stimulates bone growth. Check with your doctor or natural health practitioner to find out what would be appropriate for you.

A good clean diet containing plenty of raw fruits and vegetables and the least amount of processed foods is the foundation for overall health, and adding in some fresh raw green juices might be of help as well.

Best of luck to you on your journey to better health. You?re on the right track, keep learning, adjusting, and take your health to the highest level.

Be Well and Wonderful, Hugh

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