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Q What types of body building supplements/foods/beverages damage the Adrenals?
Creatine, AAKG...

A I’ll tell you John I’m not by any stretch of the imagination an expert on body building foods and supplements, but have friends who are and they absolutely won’t touch any of the commonly used supplements, even if they are touted as natural.

As far as the Adrenals, anything that stimulates the body to create energy damages the adrenals. Stimulants push the body to provide energy that’s not really present. They force the adrenals to work overtime producing false energy and when the toxic effects are processed and expelled from the body exhaustion sets in. People that drink coffee repeat this scenario each day and actually need that cuppa in the morning to feel normal. A large portion of our society today is walking around with stressed or fatigued adrenals.

I would say stay away anything with stimulants for sure, and only use supplements that are foods or come from foods, such as Sun Warrior rice protein, super greens, pine pollen, or try non-transdermal LifeWave energy patches to be worn while working out.

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