Big Belly

by Trixie
(Atlanta, GA)

Q I eat no preservatives, eat 75 % raw and am a vegan but my stomach looks like I am 6 months pregnant... Any clue why that is?? I should be so thin for the type of foods I eat.

A I would recommend you do two things. First do some type of cleanse or fast, then start reintroducing foods back into your diet using a Food Combining Chart.

Even a short 3 day fast or cleanse would be helpful. Take an enema or colonic as needed and then start out with a clean diet following the food combining chart.

Depending on your age or the condition of your digestive system you may need some digestive enzymes or HCL to help your system with the digestive process. Here is some advice I gave to a person with digestive issues that you might find useful.

It may be a good idea to check in with your natural health care provider to rule out any serious health issues before you do anything else.

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