Better Than V8

by Stacey
(Fort St. James, BC Canada)

Better Than V8 is a great mix of fruit and veggie juices mixed together that will keep you coming back for more. Several glasses of this a day will keep you away from the doctor and on the track of good health.

2 Large Carrots (can substitute with yam or mix together)

2 Large stalks of celery

1/2 Long English Cucumber

2 Healthy sized handfuls of spinach, mixing or adding some Kale works well too

1 Fair sized stalk of broccoli (about the amount you'd cook for 1-2 people for dinner.

1 Fair sized chunk of cauliflower (roughly the same amount as broccoli)

1/2 Granny Smith apple

1/2 Large green pear

1/4 beet (peeled)

1 tomato

small bit of parsley

Yields 2 extra large glasses or three medium. (1 full pitcher with a Breville Juicer)

* Use only one of the fruits for a less sweet taste.

* I've also thrown in a hand full of grapes with stems.

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Too much carrot?
by: David

I once read that someone drank a pint of carrot juice a day and got liver diseases from it. Do two large carrots make a pint?

******It depends on the carrot. And in the story you're referencing it depends on the condition of the person. There is a lot of natural sugar in carrot juice and some can handle more than others.

I personally favor green juices with perhaps a little carrot for calories and the nutrients they contain. I am not a big fan of drinking fruit juices or straight carrot juice long term. Just too much sugar.

Awesome juice!!
by: Anonymous

I leave out the apple and use 3 tomatoes. I also add a dash of organic Worcestershire sauce, tastes better than V8 and a fraction of the sodium.

a nice surprise
by: Anonymous

Was fairly skeptical that this would taste remotely pleasant, on my second glass already today. Wondering if someone could help me though? New to this and uncertain on how much juice i should be drinking each day. Any ideas? Cheers

***Drink as much as you like, but best taken on an empty stomach.

storing juice
by: sally hawthorn

sometimes i juice double the amount and store until next day in airtight jar in fridge is this ok it also saves cleaning juicer each day?

*****Fresh is always best, but what you're doing is great, particularly if it works for you and keeps you juicing. Good job on the airtight jar too.

Really Good!
by: John S.

I didn't have a pear so used two small apples and it was a really good juice. Will make this again, or a version of it depending on what items I have on hand.

Holy Yuck!
by: Terri Dyck

This is the 2nd disasterous recipe for "V-8" juice. All I made was expensive compost. It makes me wonder if people just say its wonderful, better than V-8 juice and make themselves drink it because they don't want to waste the vegetables and 'it must be good, it's made with veggies". Good food is SUPPOSED to taste good. It isn't good if you gag trying to drink it. My search continues...

*****Keep in mind everybody's taste is different. It can also depend where you are on your juice journey. Taste buds will change with diet and what was once yuck may someday be quite tasty.

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