Backyard Brew

by Hugh

Backyard Brew is a random compilation of pickings from my garden plus a few cucumbers from the farmers market that I turned into a super nutritious juice. It’s not a recipe you’re likely to copy, but rather inspiration to go out and pick your own Backyard Brew. The ingredients below were some of what was available in my backyard garden in early December.

There is nothing as good and powerful for you and your good health as fresh picked living food. When you pick and juice right away you are taking in incredible amounts of nutrients and life force. For years I’ve encouraged folks to plant whatever they can wherever they can so that they might reap the rewards of their fresh bounty. The rewards are not only that of great health, but very little to no cost at all.

Every fall I allow some of my herbs and plants to go to seed and spread the seed throughout my garden area. In the spring and fall I have an amazing array of fresh living foods to adorn my salads, and to add to my juices and smoothies. It really takes very little effort and reward is great.

My 8’ collard trees have been growing for about 5 years now and just continue to grow. I pick leaves off as needed and every once in a while I cut the back and let them grow up again. Kale and collards will grow from one season to the next as well by just picking leaves from the stalk as needed.

Dandelion, miners lettuce, and chick weed spread throughout my garden area as well as on the slope. They are bountiful in the spring and fall. All the free food is just amazing. So cool how nature works.

Ingredients for my Backyard Brew

12 small Collard tree leaves

2 handfuls Parsley

Large double handful Collard leaves

Large double handful Kale leaves

Large double handful of chick weed

3 mint sprigs

2 rosemary sprigs

1" chunk of fresh ginger root

½ lemon with rind

6 to 8 small Persian cucumbers

This juice was incredibly rich and wonderfully tasting. I would encourage you to head out into the yard to see what’s growing and imagine how you could incorporate what’s there into a healthy meal or two. If there is nothing out there then this spring will be an ideal time to cast a few seeds and reap the rewards. It’s easy and fun…and so good for you. Go for it!

The recipe above made about 2 ½ cups.

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