Are there certain vege juice recipes for male impotence?

by Dan
(Cha Am, Petchaburi, Thailand)

Q To bring up male impotence, to a viral level, are there certain juicing combinations that work. Bringing up male testosterone levels.

A Juicing in general is good for male health because it helps the body clean out and combined with a high vegetable diet will clean out arteries and capillaries, which is very important. With clean arteries and capillaries blood can actually reach the penis and bring nutrients vital to sexual health.

Fresh ginger root and cayenne pepper added to juice or added into the diet can help with this also.

There are a number of herbs/foods that are said to help with libido. Maca root, pine pollen, ginseng, and tribulus are all extolled by indigenous peoples and modern day scientists for their libido raising qualities.

And sunshine on as much of the body as possible (genitals if possible) for 15 minutes or so a day could be very beneficial.

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