Apple Spinach Green Goodness

by Shirley Rene
(Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Just the name of this juice, Apple Spinach Green Goodness makes me thirst for a large glassful. This is a great juice that’s not too sweet, but sweet enough even for beginners to be able to enjoy. It’s comprised of some very nutritious fruits and vegetables, not the least if which is spinach. Take a look down below the recipe to see just what kind of nutritional wallop spinach packs.

2 granny smith apples

1 good bunch of spinach

2 celery stalks

1 cucumber

1/2 lemon

1/2" ginger

1/4 of pineapple

Juice and Enjoy. These ingredients would make a great smoothie too. Put everything in the blender and whirl until smooth. These are some great tips on blending and a host of great Smoothie Recipes.

Nutritional profile of spinach

Spinach is a highly nutrient dense food. It is said to be a good blood builder due to its rich iron content, and a good blood cleanser and detoxifier due to its high chlorophyll content. Chlorophyll is a supreme cleanser and purifier for the entire body.

Some say spinach is a specific remedy for nosebleeds, herpes (due to its sulfur content), and a great diuretic and laxative. Spinach is very alkaline and is soothing and relaxing. It contains a host of nutrients, but is particularly high in, beta carotene, folate, vitamin K, B1, B2, B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, copper, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, zinc, and omega 3 fatty acid.

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by: Sapphireburst

Do I leave the rind on the pineapple? Also, what are the health benefits of pineapples?

*******Yes you can leave the rind on. The juicer will take care of that. To check out some of the benefits of pineapple cut and paste into your browser. Many other fruits listed here as well. Enjoy!

Great energy
by: Jeany

my fave juice so far, I am recovering from a sub arachnoid hemorrhage a month ago and the daily juicing has been incredible, I am walking a charity 10 km on Sunday, I could hardly walk to the bathroom 3 weeks ago, great recipes thank you.


Very good for a beginner
by: Anonymous

I added some blood orange and peeling with a little pineapple. The ginger and pineapple made this so easy to drink!

by: Lilian

Hi there.. Is it ok instead of ginger can i use turmeric??? Thanks

***It is your juice you can do anything you like. I think it’s important to play with these recipes and switch out ingredients according to your taste preferences and or availability of items.

by: Sonya

Loved this one. I modified a little by adding one pear instead of the 2nd apple and snuck in some broccoli.

amazing juice
by: Krissy

used all of the ingredients for the juice, except omitted the celery and replaced it with 1 pear, simply divine. Thank you!!

by: Anonymous

Tasty, refreshing, and very welcome juice anytime!!!

This is really good
by: Rechelle

I made this today and it was really good, only next time I may use a banana in it to add a little sweetness.

by: lawz1973

My first time juicing and I started with this one! I'm so glad I did. I modified mine a little bit with just less or more of the ingredients. Seriously amazing and it made about 22 oz's and had no problem drinking all of it in one sitting. =)

2 granny smiths
1 good bunch of spinach (3 handfuls)
2 celery stalks (5 celery stalks)
1 cucumber
1/2 lemon (somewhat peeled left some rhine)
1/2" ginger
1/4 of pineapple (2 Spears)

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