Allergies gone, feeling great!

by Rick
(Northern California)

I began my raw food journey in my late teens. Most of my childhood was troubled by seasonal allergies. They were to the point where I would miss several days of school per year, and some outdoor activities, such as playing Little League Baseball. The doctors office said I was allergic to "trees, grass, and weeds!" Not so easy to avoid, especially as my family business growing up was landscape and tree work! Nearly all year round, but especially in the Spring, I would frequently suffer from red, watery, itchy eyes, a constantly runny nose and sneezing hundreds of times per day which created the need to blow my nose hundreds of times per day as well. Worst of all, I would feel completely drained of energy after a few hours of experiencing the symptoms above.

As I began to eat more healthfully, my symptoms improved a little, but the breakthrough came after a 14 day water fast when I was 20 years old. 90% + of my allergy probems were gone! It was astounding! Now nearly 25 years later, I do experience a few allergy issues in the spring, but a week or so spring juice fast and keeping to an extra clean raw diet makes getting through the spring very easy.

Not only that, but now in my mid 40's I feel much better than I ever did as a teenager, even when taking the allergy issues out of the equation. A mostly raw vegan diet based on fresh fruits and vegetables without added oil or excessive amounts of sweeteners, salt, or spices, has been an incredible blessing in my life. It allows me to have the energy and clarity and wellbeing to enjoy all the things that life has to offer.

I am very grateful to raw food nutrition, and am so glad that it is such a growing movement. So many people are improving the quality of their lives by giving it a try. I wish all of you the best of success and hope you'll share your inspring stories here as I have.

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by: claudine

Hi, I was looking information about raw food and allergies. I have allergies to many things but I am confused if following a raw diet would help me because I tend to react to some of the raw food. Nothing serious but because my pollen allergies, the Doctor said some food cross react to pollen and some of the raw food cross react to pollen. Any idea? Thanks Claudine

*****Many people feel allergies are due to a congested system and perhaps too much undigested protein in the blood. The raw diet is a cleansing diet and can help clean things out to improve the bodies ability to function properly.

You may give it a try and see how you fare. You can try avoiding those problem raw foods if you like.

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