Adapting to a Raw Food Diet

Q. Cooked food tastes so good to me compared to raw food, why is that?

A. For years you have been eating cooked food and much of it is probably what is known as ‘comfort food’. Quite frankly today just about all foods could be classified as comfort foods. These foods typically contain fat, sugar, and salt, and if professionally prepared, MSG and many other hidden additives that actually are designed to hook the eater into coming back for more. When you switch to a raw food diet and eliminate many of these harmful substances your taste buds will begin to come alive and so will you. A raw tomato, fig or persimmon will burst with natural flavor and you’ll be able to savor it as you might have a fine wine in the past. Even your lettuce greens and vegetables will come alive with a vibrant taste you never imagined possible.

Just give it a little time and you'll be amazed at how tasty real food really is.

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