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Adzuki Beans

Q Help me to understand how this is considered a raw food? Thank you very much. A Legumes like adzuki beans can be sprouted and eaten raw in salads,

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Constipation & Hemorrhoids While Transitioning to a Raw Diet

Q I have been slowly transitioning to raw food diet over the past 2-2 ½ months. Now I eat 70-80% raw. I started mainly due to hypertension, pain and extreme

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Collard Tree Juice

I know some of you are probably thinking collard tree juice….what the heck is a collard tree. A collard tree is one of nature’s most wonderful gifts. A

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Backyard Brew

Backyard Brew is a random compilation of pickings from my garden plus a few cucumbers from the farmers market that I turned into a super nutritious juice.

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Cruciferous Kick

Cruciferous Kick is a particularly healthy juice because it cleanses and fortifies, and its core ingredients are said to have great healing properties.

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Fungus and Yeast Buster

Fungus and Yeast Buster juice is excellent for eradicating fungal and yeast issues. Most if not all of today’s health issues can be traced back to the

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Raw Hummus

Raw Hummus is a very easy recipe to make that takes only about 15 minutes to prepare after the beans are soaked and sprouted. If you’re already a sprouter

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Golden Greens

Golden greens utilizes the golden beet, a vegetable not very well known but gaining popularity amongst health enthusiasts. It’s a nice change from the

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Lost 20 lbs.

I lost 20 pounds in a month. I have never before lost that amount of weight in my life. The scales where either the same or steadily going up. I'm looking

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Sweet Kale

Sweet Kale contains plenty of greens and the power of beetroot without the harsh taste. The addition of the slightly sweet fennel cuts the harshness of

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Dandelion Delight

Dandelion Delight is another one of those so good for you juices that is really quite palatable. The addition of the fennel root and lemon really make

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Tasty Cleanser

The Tasty Cleanser juice is a really great blood purifier, energizer, and cleanser, and as its name denotes it tastes great. Many people find powerful

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Raw Weight Loss for Emergency Surgery

Raw Weight Loss for Emergency Surgery I was facing a spine fusion as a car accident decades earlier caused my vertebra to slowly shift over the years

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Q. Hi I have been a vegan for fourteen months, a raw vegan for six months, I am following 80/10/10, I have healed so much, come of so many medications,

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I've had PHENOMENAL success being ORGANIC RAW

I went Organic RAW after being Hospitalized for 1 year and 4 months after the passing of my Beloved Mate of 15 Years. All because I sought Grief Counseling

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