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by: Randy

He said a "splash" not 8 oz. I think the salt in V8 may be what added a little flavor. Maybe you could put a dash (a dash I say) of sea salt instead.

*****You may be right Randy. Perhaps some celery would do the same thing. Cheers!

frui veggie medley
by: ryo beck

I had it many times it gets better every time, I just want to thank you and ed beck for this five star recipes. tell him to keep posting I can't weight to see want he puts up next. I am sure it will be great.

V8 juice doesn't fit the raw diet
by: Anonymous

I don't see how adding V8 juice really goes with the theme of this website. V8 juice is not the same as using raw vegetables this juice claims to have. Everything in it has been pasteurized to preserve it and therefore doesn't have the nutrition you should be getting from those vegetables. Also, natural sugars without vitamins are pretty much the same as adding several teaspoons of sugar to your drink.

********Hugh's response *****

It's true that V8 is not raw, but it's far better than many other drinks. I allowed the post of this recipe because I think it's important to get people moving in the right direction, and if things are too strict for some people they won't move at all.

Hopefully Ed will be making healthier choices as time goes on, but for now I'm delighted that he's excited about eating healthier and wants to share his enthusiasm with others.

Thanks for posting anonymous, I do value your input. How about sharing one of your favorite recipes with us. :-)

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