Internal Scar Tissue

by Judy Weigl

Q According to my VA healthcare providers I have scar tissue in the abdonminal cavity with a cyst inside that as a result of surgery in 2000. I eat 80 to 90% plant-based foods and of that at least 50% is raw. I am considering going full raw.

My question is; have you or any of your followers had this kind, or similer problems and had success in repair due to eating only raw foods?

Thank you for your help.

A I believe I have heard of woman having fibroids disappear on the raw diet, but not sure about any stories about scar tissue.

The raw diet does relieve the digestive stress on the body so it may tend to other issues, and I would think scar tissue would be one of those. The body typically heals what needs healing first and then goes to the next most important thing. So it would make sense that your body could very well deal with the scar tissue.

I do know that systemic enzymes taken on an empty stomach are known to remove old scar tissue. You may want to check further on that as well.

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