Weight Loss Juice

by Ventris

This weight loss juice is great for shedding pounds and it's quick and simple to make. Juice all three ingredients and drink for breakfast.

This juice can be substituted for any meal or all meals in a day or days for that matter. You may want to juice during the day and have a healthy whole foods meal for dinner.

Even after you have achieved your ideal weight you can continue to have this juice once a day or three times per week to keep healthy and fit. Some people enjoy doing a two day juice fast over the weekend every six weeks or so to keep cleaned out and feeling great.

½ small cabbage

2 carrots

1 cucumber

You can make as much of this at a time as you like and carry it to work with you to drink during the day. If you do try to keep it chilled. A thermos is great, but mason’s jars in a little cooler or kept in the fridge at work are great.

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pregnant ladies can they juice
by: Angelia Scarpathiotes

Hi my daughter is now 5 months pregnant love veggies and fruit can she juice as she doesn't want to eat unhealthy?

******* A juice or two a day would probably be wonderful for her and the baby unless her doctor says otherwise.

She should avoid drinking nothing but juices (a juice fast) all day because this could prompt a detoxing effect that would not be healthy for the baby.

A small modification
by: Lydia

I added an orange and half a lemon to this and it tasted much better.

****Perfect, way to customize to your liking Lydia. :) Hopefully others will follow your lead and do the same for juices they don't find appealing or too strong.

breastfeeding but wanna juice
by: Anonymous

Hi I am also new to juicing but I desperately need to lose weight. I am breastfeeding, will detoxing as a result of juicing affect my baby? Asking because green tea had a terrible effect.

****Good question. Any time a person cleans up their diet the body sheds toxins, many of which are contained in fat. So you may want to check with your natural health care provider and see what they say.

I think if you gradually cut out the bad foods you're eating and replace them with fresh raw fruits and vegetables, either in their whole, blended, or juiced state that the detox will be mild.

Your baby will be getting superior nutrition and if you go slowly what detox there is should be manageable.

If you are experiencing detox symptoms like headache, nausea, and sluggishness then you should back off. This would not be healthy for your baby.

And after your baby is weened you'll have a great foundation for moving forward with a more aggressive cleansing weight loss program. At that point you can do juice fasts for days at a time if you like.

Loathing cucumber
by: Amy

I'd love to try this out but the problem is, I absolutely hate cucumber. To be honest, there's very few vegetables that I like but I can suffer them!
Is there anything in particular that I could substitute the cucumber with?

****How about Bok choy. Lot's of water content and great nutrients as well.

need help!
by: Anonymous

Can i juice all day only? Breakfast, lunch & dinner? Imwant to drink 5 16 oz a day. For a month. Will this help me lose weight?

**********Many people take nothing but juice for days or weeks at a time, however you may want to consult with a natural health care practitioner to see if it would be OK for you.

A juice fast, which is consuming nothing but juices for days or weeks can produce detox symptoms as the body cleans out. Depending on how toxic you are it can be quite uncomfortable, and in certain situations dangerous. Why don't you do a one day juice fast and see how you feel.

You can take a juice fast one day at a time and see how it feels each day as you go.

You could also try doing juices in the morning and green smoothies for lunch and dinner. This would be easier on your system and can still provide some great weight loss and detox.

Remember it's not a sprint, but a marathon. You want lifestyle change for life, that will keep you healthy and fit for the rest of your life.

Incorporating more raw foods overall will help. Fresh raw fruits and vegetables are the foundation of a healthy diet. The website is loaded with raw recipes of all types, including juices and smoothies. Enjoy!

Juicing are really work for me
by: Liz

I has been started juicing for two week, and I was lost over 10 lbs. I uses 2 oranges, 3 carrots, 2 stacks of celery, 1/2 of cucumber, and 3 to 4 leaves of kale juicing for breakfast, eat raw salad with grill chicken breast for lunch, and 2 apples, 4 stacks of celery, 1 cucumber, 1/2 lemon, 1 small slice of ginger for diner.

Then walk on my walking machine for 30 minutes every night. And it is so amazing how I can fit back in my favorite dress for my grand father 100th birthday.

What about fibre?
by: Patricia Jean

I have high blood pressure and so have decided to try juicing the vegetables I hear are good for lowering BP. I have also heard that fibre is very important for a healthy diet. I seem to be throwing out all the fibre after juicing. How can I keep up the fibre content of my diet?

Hugh's reply****Juices like this weight loss juice are very good for improving general health, but do contain very little fiber. You can use the pulp from juicing is soup or stew recipes, but just consuming plenty of fresh and 80% raw veggies will give you plenty of fiber.

When you're juicing and eating this way you'll be eating fewer of those foods that contain zero to very little fiber, which actually slow things down and gunk things up.

A large serving of veggies at every meal is a great way to go.

weight loss question
by: Anonymous

Can you drink a juice mixture for breakfast and lunch and then eat regular food for dinner and still lose weight??

Hugh's reply*** Yes, as long as you don't go hog wild at dinner.

Battling to lose weight.
by: Anonymous

What fruits and what vegetables to juice if you want to lose weight.

Hugh's reply*** look at the juice recipes on this website and you'll see some are clearly listed. In reality most juices will help with weight loss, but some seem to work better than others.

by: Anonymous

Hi Hugh, it is day 10 I have only been having veggie juice and for the last two days, I have not had a bowel movement. Feeling bloated and cannot understand it. What are your thoughts?

Hugh's reply*** Your body is used to working in a certain way with the foods it's been given and now that has changed so your system is adjusting. I would do a water enema to clean things out. You should feel much better after that. Going for a professional colonic would be better still.

When you have your next juice make it simple and follow food combining rules. Make sure you wait several hours between juices as well. And if you're not actually hungry don't have one at all.

by: Anonymous

Hi Hugh. I will persevere. I am having mostly veggie juice now. The trouble about excercise is that I have two herniated discs in my lower back which is very painful and affects my ability to excercise or even walk very far. I practise yoga as and when I am able. I have had more bowel movements since the start.

Love and light

OK chrissie, sounds like you're on the right track.

Weight loss
by: Chrissie

Hi, I am on day 5 so far I haven’t lost any weight. The first three days I had a small meal. Yesterday and today I have had no solid food. I am having fruit juice in the morning and veg juice the rest of the day. How long should it take until I get some results?

Hugh’s reply******

Hi Chrissie,

Everybody’s body is different, your body may just be sucking up all that good nutrition before letting go of excess waste and pounds. You might also check your calorie intake. Fruit juice is high in calories as well as sweet veggies like carrots. And how many calories in those small meals, were they high in fat? On occasion I use chronometer to check caloric and nutrient intake. After checking you’ll know if you need to replace some of the fruit juice with veggie juice.

I would drink no more than a large 16 oz juice every two hours. If thirsty/ hungry in between your juices drink water.

Are you getting any exercise? Exercise helps the body purge waste and weight. And while on that topic are you having regular bowel movements. Sometimes on a cleanse people may visit the toilet three, four, or more times a day. If you bowels are not moving freely you may consider one of the juices containing beet root, which is a powerful cleanser.

After checking all that as long as you’re feeling well I wouldn’t worry about the pounds coming off right away. If everything else is good and you’re not over doing the calories then the weight will come off.

Please keep me posted.

Be Well and Wonderful, Hugh

Meal planning for 12 hour shift
by: Denise

Hi Hugh , thanks so much for your responses. They are valuable. Do you have any idea how I can maintain proper juicing and eating raw while working 7 am-7pm. I love salads and would also like to know of a salad dressing that I can carry with me. Ranch dressing is my favorite!! Also, is there a good container that I could put the juice in and take to work? Don't think I want to do a Green drink at 6am. I work three 12 hr shifts weekly. Can you help? Thanks. :)

Hi Denise,

I think any of the raw salad dressings would work for you although none are the ranch style. The cream cheese sauce may fit that bill though. Be mindful most cashews are not raw even when they say they are. You’ll need to look for ‘truly raw” cashews if that is important to you. The links are below for the dressings and cheese sauce.



Many of the salads on the site make their own dressing and require no additional dressing. And look through the other recipes, the chowders etc make great meals and travel very well.

Juices can be carried in mason jars or a thermos. It’s best to fill to the top of the container so there is little if any air.

Let me know how it goes.

Be Well and Wonderful, Hugh

Sparkling water
by: Denise

I was just wondering if something like sparkling lemon water is ok to drink and won't hinder the weight loss process?

Hugh's reply** Lemon water would be fine, however sparkling water is created by adding CO2, which you would not want to ingest.

working it in every day
by: Anonymous

look forward to my juicing opportunities. trying to substitute juicing for meals in hopes of helping me lose weight. just a bit reluctant to drink a quart at a time. don't want to be tethered to the bathroom. love tomatoes, carrots and a couple of limes together. just a treat for my taste buds.

Weight loss portions
by: Denise

Hi there,

I would like to lose weight juicing and be healthy. How much juice should you drink if that is all you plan on doing? and How can you make sure you are receiving optimal nutrition?

Hi Denise,

It can depend on your present diet and condition how much juice you will want. Some people might drink 3/4 of a gallon of fresh juice and water as well per day. If you’re drinking a variety of fresh juice you’ll be getting great nutrition. Here is a link to cut and paste in your browser from someone with similar concerns to yours.


Please keep me posted and let me know how it goes.

Be Well and Wonderful, Hugh

by: Anonymous

Do I use one of each?!?! Or just half of the cabbage and 1 and 1 of the others?

Hugh's reply****mainly cabbage, with some of the other ingredients. It depends how harsh the cabbage is and what your taste buds are used to. You may have to experiment to see what ratio works best for you. As you suggested, you might juice half a cabbage and one of each, then adjust from there.

Needing help
by: Anonymous

Im new to juicing. Ive been blending for a few months and wanted to add in juicing for variety.
How do you calculate nutritional information for juicing? I need to watch carb intake and I like to monitor other nutritional information for my food log.


Hugh's reply**** I use cron-o-meter when I want to track calories and nutritional values. just google it. *****As a note, the kinds of carbs you'll get from juicing and from a raw diet in general are not ones to worry about. :-)

can i add anything
by: Anonymous

can I add anything other than water? like orange juice or any fruits to sweetened it, I cant hardly drink it alone.

Hugh's reply**** Yes, you can add fruit or carrot to the mix to make it more palatable.

New to juicing...PLEASE HELP!
by: Anonymous

When juicing for weight loss...should you drink juice for breakfast and lunch? If so, what kind of snacks would you suggest in between and what should dinner consist of?

Hugh's reply*****Juice for breakfast and lunch would be great. You could drink either water or more juice as a mid morning and mid afternoon snack.

For dinner, a very large green salad (check the recipes page for great ideas), and if eating cooked food you could have some lightly steamed vegetables and a small portion of brown rice or quinoa. It all really depends on your own situation, but the general guideline above is a good place to start. There are many web pages on the site that cover detox diets and weight loss diets as well.

This is one page: http://www.raw-foods-diet-center.com/detox-diet.html

by: Anonymous

Wow thanks Hugh! That is some very helpful advice. I will keep going and I will water them down a bit. I now know it's normal to struggle at first, cheers! :)

sounds good
by: Anonymous

Hello there, I have tried this juice mix and many other combinations, but i'm struggling (really bad) to enjoy, or even keep them down, without wanting to bring it back up! :( I have been trying for a week and the only mix I can keep down is cucumber, baby leaf spinach and green apples. Is it worth my while to drink just these three ingredients? On this website I have found lots of great information, but I keep reading 'variety' is important, but I can't stomach anythng else :( I'm sorry. I understand how good raw fruits and veggies are for us, but I think i'm destined to give up juicing. Does anyone else feel like me or am I just a whimp? Advice or tips would be very much appreciated :)

Hugh's reply****Variety is good, but for you right now I would stick with what works for you. Over time as you clean out you will probably be able to start switching up ingredients here and there until you are finally able to enjoy just about every juice out there.

And no, you're not a whimp. Juicing is extremely cleansing and concentrated so can create the conditions you're experiencing in some people. Most people have a hard time with wheatgrass juice when they first start taking it. Keep juicing and after a while slowly try to add one ingredient or switch one out for another.

You can also cut these juices with pure water as much as 50% so they're not so strong. After a while cut back on the water until you're 100% juice. You're on the right track.

Healthy juicing
by: Anonymous

Do you add water to these vegetable drinks?

Hugh's reply******You can add water if they're too strong for you or until you get used to them full strength.

carrot, cucumber, cabbage juice
by: Rosa

can the cabbage be the purple cabbage ?

Hugh's reply *** Sure, it's usually a little sweeter, but still contains great nutrition.

Eating while juicing in the morning?
by: Liz

Cabbage and celery are vegetable that lower blood pressure. If you have low blood pressure use less of these. Also when doing a cleansing with juice in the morning, one is NOT supposed to eat anything at least for half an hour. All juices are alkaline in your body unless combined with another food. Good day all.

Hugh's reply***Thanks for contributing Liz, you're so right about not eating at least a half hour after juicing. Most juices are alkaline, however if you juice an acidic fruit or veggie then that juice will be acidic. :-)

adding some sweetness
by: Chrissy 25

It's so funny because I tried this recipe but also with lettuce just because those were all the ingredients I had in my refrigerator. But I actually don't like carrots much but i know i need to eat them. Anyways, the carrots turned my entire drink orange and it only tasted like carrots with a hint of cucumber. Personally I love sweet so I added in some pineapples and it turned out to be tasty enough to drink!!!!!

by: Brenda

Help im a beginner and love juicing BUT as soon as I drink a juice, I'm either starving or craving food. How do I get past this to ultimately be able to do a juice cleanse.

Hugh's reply***Drinking juice can activate digestive enzymes and a feeling of wanting more food. You could plan an activity after you drink your juice to keep you occupied for about an hour and then have another juice. Take a hike, do house cleaning or work in the yard to keep busy and don't allow your self to eat or drink in that time.

Also juices with higher calories, those containing carrots or fruit may carry you longer than green juices. Make sure you drink a large juice. If you drink 16 ounces of juice or more that should carry you for at least an hour. Sometimes I drink almost a quart of juice at a time so no problem there with cravings.

let me know how these ideas work out for you Brenda.

by: Anonymous

Do u only have this for breakfast or with solid food as well?

*****Hugh's reply*****

You could have this for breakfast or any other meal by itself, or have it 20 to 30 minutes before a meal.

not to shabby
by: Anonymous

Very refreshing not sweet which is kinda nice. will let you know if it works. i used 1 med. cucumber, 3 carrots,that equal to the amount of cucumber juice, and a quarter piece of a small cabbage. i juiced the cucumber and carrots first in a seperate glass then i juiced the cabbage in another glass. then i poured the cucumber carrot mixture in with the cabbage juice and drank.

by: Anonymous

This receipe does not tell you how much to use of each ingredient.

***Hugh's Reply Below*****

You can blend it how you like it best. The carrot will be sweet, the cucumber refreshing and will dilute the harshness of the cabbage. I would start out with equal parts carrot and cucumber with a 1/4 head of a medium size cabbage and see how you like it. You can adjust from there. Enjoy!

by: Anonymous

I'm new to juicing, can I still take my vitamins B and D's?

Hugh's reply****Yes, you can still take your supplements. I would advise you to make sure any supplements you take are from natural sources and not made from chemicals as most are.

I think it's best to get our nutrition from our food, but when needed natural plant sourced supplements are something the body can at least recognize and utilize.

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