Weight Loss Cruiser

by Hugh
(Fairfax, CA)

This Weight Loss Cruiser satiates, is chocked full of minerals, and is great for shedding unwanted pounds. In my opinion, the lemon really makes it, but you could substitute a chunk of fresh ginger root, or just go without it if you have an aversion or are out of fresh lemons.

This juice also quenches salt cravings and is good any time of day.

8 celery stalks

2 medium cucumbers or equivalent

½ bunch parsley

1 small lemon (I prefer Meyer lemons)

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by: jaime

what size of containers is good too use for meal replacements?

****You could try a 24 Oz. juice and see how that works. If that is too much back off the a 12 or 16 Oz. juice and have them more often if needed. You really need to try it and see what works best for you and your schedule. Read the webpages on juicing on the site and you'll learn a lot there.

how much ?
by: Anonymous

I'm really stuck with my weight loss. Can I drink this to help kick start my body ? and how much should I drink ?

Thank you

*******Drink as much as you want. You may want to do a juice fast were you consume no solid food just juice for a few days or more. Keep up on your daily exercise and you should see some really good results.

nutrition facts
by: Anonymous

What are the nutrition facts on this recipe ?

*********Feel free to use this webpage to look up nutrients of the ingredients. http://www.raw-foods-diet-center.com/list-of-raw-foods.html

no juicier
by: Anonymous

Is there a way of doing it without a juicier. Like in a blender. Thanks

*****If you have a high speed blender you can blend it up and then pour it through a sieve/strainer or cheesecloth to strain out the fiber. Or if you're hard core you could just eat the blended smoothie as is.

Love it!
by: Bernice

I've been juicing on and off for the last four / five years. Depending on my mood, I add or remove ingredients but always enjoy my juices. It took a while for my taste buds to tune into the juices but I have gotten there.

My favorite is adding fresh ginger root to pure vegetable juice. It gets the "ugh/yuk" (sp?) taste out. Don't get discouraged as juicing also keeps a number of disease away. Best of luck everyone. From Kenya.

**************Thanks for sharing Bernice.

by: Anonymous

I was very ill 6 months ago with Encephalitis (virus on the brain). Leading up to getting sick my diet was appalling to say the least, I didn't eat fruit or vegetables at all. A nurse advised me to rebuild my immune system with massive doses of vitamin C. He recommended juicing. I have dramatically improved my diet by removing processed foods totally. I have been juicing for the last 5 months, mainly fruit but also vegetables. I have gained 4 kilograms despite this change. It was easier eating processed foods frankly.

I'm so confused. Why am I gaining weight when I no longer eat processed foods? Can fruit cause weight gain?

Also my digestive system can no longer tolerate processed foods. This diet change seems to have been a bad idea.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

**************Fruit has about 300 calories per pound on average so it depends how many pounds of fruit you’re juicing and drinking per day. How is your digestive system working? Are you having at least two evacuations per day? If not, an enema or trip to colon therapist might be a good idea. Get things moving and cleaned out.

I think it best to juice lots of greens with a little fruit if needed for sweetener. That will allow for more cleansing and re-mineralization as well.

It’s a good thing that your body no longer wants the processed foods. It’s just letting you know that it wants real food!...and that’s a good thing. Real food is what the body is designed to run on and you’ll be rewarded if you feed it what it needs.

All the best to you on your journey to greater health.

halving the ingredients
by: Anonymous

Totally new to juicing. ..I find you use a lot of fresh fruit and veg for one drink ,can you use say 2 celery sticks half a cucumber handful of parsley and half lemon or something like this to make a smaller glass of juice are you still get same effect of the larger one? ???


Great question. Yes, you can pare down any recipe to make it work for you. Most people will be drinking this particular juice as a meal replacement so will want a large juice.

About fruit
by: Anonymous

I don't think adding fruit is interchangeable with veggies. Fruit usually contains more sugar than veggies so watch out for the fruit. Especially if you need less sugar in your diet even if it is "natural".

********Fruits do go well with greens and other savory fruits like cucumbers. They do not mix well with starchy vegetables. It's true some people don't do well with excessive fruit, but many people do just fine with a moderate to high fruit diet.

I don't really recommend juicing fruits long term other than lemon or lime because I think the fruit juice without the fiber can present real problems.

by: Anonymous

do we add any type of liquid like water and if so how much?

*****This is a juice recipe so no water needed unless it is too strong for you and you want to dilute it a little.

by: Anonymous

Do you add the lemon like the whole lemon??

****Yes, you add the whole lemon, rind and all.

Orange juice
by: Anonymous

can you use orange juice for the liquid part?

****That would change the entire recipe to something else, but it may be a nice juice. I say try it and see.

fruit and vegetable is it good for weight lost
by: Anonymous

I just started drinking vegetable and fruit juices each morning for breakfast, is that good
for weight loss?

*****It is if they're freshly juiced and not store bought.

celery alternative???
by: Anonymous

I can't stand celery! Even the thought of drinking it makes my stomach turn, is there an alternative that I can use that will still promote weight loss? Thanks in advance.

Hugh’s reply**** Most juices will promote weight loss, it’s just that some seem to be a little better at it than others. Substitute with any leafy green or herb that you like and add a little more cucumber.

New to juicing
by: Panther

Do you just have the juice throughout day or do you combine with healthy meals.

Hugh's reply*****

It depends on how fast you want to go or if you want to just do a long term healthy regime. You could drink nothing but the juice during the day and have nothing else. You could drink the juice all day and have a healthy solid meal in the evening. Or you could drink the juice about 45 minutes prior to your healthy meals. In the last scenario the meals should be slightly smaller than they would be without the juice.

by: Anonymous

I'm sorry, but this was horrible. Very salty. I cut back on the celery because of another person’s comment, and it was still bad tasting.
I will be putting it in my list of not making again.

Hugh's reply***Just like all vegetables and fruits, taste can vary greatly between one bunch of celery and another. Some celery is very high in sodium while some is not. Some celery has a very wild taste while some does not. It’s also possible the parsley you used may have been unusually high in sodium.

Each day depending on diet and activity each individuals tastes and dietary requirements can be different. If one already has met or exceeded their sodium requirements of sodium then the body will not find high sodium foods appealing. Just as with any food, even your favorites, when you have eaten enough figs or blackberries or whatever the taste will change to you so that you will not want to eat any more. It is the body’s way of letting you know when you've had enough.

Being a weight loss recipe it is thought that the consumer will also be exercising and have a need to replace minerals like sodium lost through perspiration. I remember Doug Graham saying years ago that he ate one bunch of celery per day to replace vital minerals lost during workouts.

All the recipes here or any in the world for that matter can be adjusted or substituted as need be to satisfy each individual. Rather than not making this recipe again, how about adjusting it to suit your individual taste. Add more cucumber and cut way back on the celery. Add more cucumber and replace the celery with some spinach. Be creative and enjoy your life.

great for beginners too!
by: Anonymous

This was the first juice I made and despite being really hungry and craving pasta, after I downed this I didn't feel hungry at all. What a great recipe!

by: Tef

Thank you for your help with juicing I have bought a juicer and want to use it for a healthy diet. Live in Spain and not been too easy buying some of the veg, so, what can I use instead of Parsley please. Have bought a variety of veg and fruit so hoping this is a healthy way to go. Thanks agin. TEF

Hugh's reply*** Just use any green herbs or leafy greens available. You really can't go wrong with juicing. Have fun with it and enjoy the wonderful results.

Adding Fruit
by: Anonymous


I am new to juicing, in fact, I tried my first experiment last night and it turned out pretty good. Here is my question, would I change the effect of this recipe if I added an apple or pear? I don't think I am ready to do pure veggies yet.

Hugh's reply****Adding an apple or pear would be fine. Enjoy!

by: new to juicing


First I want to congratulate you for your page! I absolutely love it. I am new to juicing so I need some advice. How long can I save a juice after making it? Can I make a big batch for several days? Or should I make only the juice(s) I will drink during the day. I brought a juice to work (that I made the night before) and by the time I was going to drink it, it had a weird smell. Please help!

First I want to congratulate you for your page! I absolutely love it. I am new to juicing so I need some advice. How long can I save a juice after making it? Can I make a big batch for several days? Or should I make only the juice(s) I will drink during the day. I brought a juice to work (that I made the night before) and by the time I was going to drink it, it had a weird smell. Please help!

Hugh’s reply****** Fresh is always best, but if kept cool a juice will last a day. Fill your container to the top so there’s no air and that will help the juice last longer. You can learn a lot about juicing if you read through all the pages on juicing at the website.

Start with the page below and continue from there.

by: Raye

I have noticed that this, and many of the other recipes (which look delicious by the way) use small portions of the whole (a quarter of a pineapple, half a melon etc). Is it possible to make a large batch of these juices and freeze them? If done immediately in air tight containers will they retain their goodness (like frozen peas?).

Hugh's reply**** I would recommend not freezing. Freezing does degrade the nutritional value of the juice. Juice is always best when fresh, but can be stored in the fridge for the day or taken with in a thermos or masons jar and cold pack.

by: Lily

This is a fantastic blend! I am on a low sodium diet so it is perfect with it's natural salty taste. I am curious to know what the calories are in it. Cannot be too many.

Hugh's reply***** Very low in calories. These greens contain about 100 calories per pound.

How to use this juice?
by: Sue

I like this particular combo, but one question: when using this or another weight-loss juice, is this used in the morning with a clean diet? Or am I supposed to be drinking this exclusively for some period of time?

Hug's reply**** Either way is OK. If you able to then a juice fast can be undertaken, where you would drink nothing but juice for a few days, a week, or longer.

Of course many people drink their juice at least 1/2 hour before each meal. and of course hopefully that meal is healthy and clean.

time post juicing
by: Anonymous

Does the juice need to be consumed inmediately? Will it loose nutritional value if I take it to work and drink it in the afternoon?

Hugh's reply**** Fresh is best, but later is better than not at all. Keep it in a fridge a work or in an insulated thermos. Also if you fill the container to the top so there's hardly any air it will last longer. Some of the nutritional value will be lost, but there will be plenty left for you.

by: Anonymous

Hi, is all that for one drink?

Hugh's reply**** Yes, all one drink, but adjust accordingly if you want less, save some for later, or share with a friend. :-)

by: Anonymous

how strong is the celery taste as I don't like it but know it is good for me?

Hugh's reply*** I don't think it's too strong, but then again I like it. You could always go easy on it for the first juice and see what you think. :-)

Grapefruit too!
by: Leila

Grapefruit also would go well instead of the lemon. A favorite juice of mine is celery, cucumber, parsley,and grapefruit :-)

Nice Leila, I like that.

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