Spicy Tomato Sauce

by Hugh
(Fairfax, CA)

This is a really thick hearty tomato sauce that can go on zucchini noodles, sea spaghetti, or any other raw dish that you want to add a little zing to. It could be a dip for veggies or thinned slightly and used as a salad dressing. Any way you make it…it’s yummy!

2 cups sundried tomatoes

1” chunk of fresh ginger

1 hot pepper

1 mango or orange

2 tablespoons hemp seeds (optional)

Soak the sundried tomatoes in enough water to cover for 30 minutes or more. Add all ingredients to the food processor including the soak water and mix to the desired consistency. You can thin it with orange juice or water. You could add herbs like basil, oregano, or cilantro to give it a slightly different flavor.

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