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Vibrant Living, Issue #150 What are Raw Foods, Fear of Fat, Nutrient Loss from Cooking
July 22, 2014
Greetings Health Seekers,


Here in the northern hemisphere we are enjoying all the fresh raw bounty of mid-summer. The second crop of figs is upon us and my garden is bursting with fresh produce. The weather is nice, fresh food is plentiful, and people are out and about enjoying life. I truly hope that you are also enjoying your life and are experiencing the wonderful benefits of a raw food diet.

In this issue of Vibrant Living I share my musings on Spreading the Raw Message by example, a short snippet from Hippocrates Health Institute entitled What are Raw Foods?, another short article on Fear of Fat, a few raw recipes, and of course I have posted some amusing quotes from people more knowledgeable than I. Enjoy!


“To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise." ~ Gene Tunney


Spreading the Raw Message

This is an easy time of year for most people to follow a raw food diet, whether high raw or 100% raw. Wherever you are on the spectrum I would encourage you to share raw meals with others. Potlucks, neighborhood gatherings, social picnics, or dinner with friends are all excellent ways to share the raw food diet without preaching. When people realize how wonderful a raw dish can taste, and see how good you look and feel, they are bound to be interested in incorporating at least a few raw meals into their lifestyle.

Other than the first few months on the raw diet I have always thought it best to show by example rather than try to convince people of the huge benefits. Over the many years now I have influenced countless individuals who have simply witnessed my diet and my excellent health. People may not even seem like they are even interested and may even make a few jokes, but make no mistake, they are paying attention.

Most people want to improve their health and will take note of someone getting results. Even though a raw diet may seem an extreme idea to some, almost everyone can see themselves adding in a few extra raw salads or recipes a week. I personally see this a huge win for the person that stretches a little and starts to incorporate even just a few raw recipes a week.

People are drawn to a raw food diet for many reasons. For many it is the obvious health concerns or simply wanting to take their health to the next level. Some are drawn as a continuation of their vegan diet in their support of our friends from the animal kingdom. Still others are drawn by their love of the earth and nature with the prospects of lowering their carbon footprint. Others seek a stronger spiritual connection with the divine through a cleansing and lightening of their earth body.

I have found over time that all these desires manifest in the raw fooder through the natural course of following the diet and through the cleansing it facilitates. It is not easy to put into words, but there is a certain knowing, or connection with something greater than ourselves that happens to many who follow the raw path. This knowing or connection allows one to see things more clearly, which makes life easier to navigate and ultimately enjoy.

Perhaps some of this is due to spiritual work done in conjunction with the raw diet, but many would say the raw diet led them to seek the spiritual path, while many others would say the spiritual path led them to the raw diet.

No matter what draws you to the diet there are a multitude of benefits on many levels, and the same will be true for those with whom you share a raw meal or raw dish. One of the amazing things about life is the synchronistic way that it draws people together for the common good when the time is right. This reminds me of the old proverb, “When the student is ready, the master appears”. In actuality both the master and the student receive benefit from the relationship, not only in the physical world, but in the ethereal as well.

Hopefully your desire for a better life and a better world will motivate you to share a delicious raw dish with someone soon.


What Are Raw Foods?

This is Hippocrates Health Institute’s description of raw foods and the subsequent nutritional value lost through cooking food:

Raw foods are fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds that have not been cooked, pasteurized, steamed, broiled, grilled, roasted, baked, fried, irradiated, or exposed to heat above 115 degrees F. The application of heat above this temperature denatures food and creates toxins.

Many of the valuable nutrients within food are heat sensitive. On average, the cooking process destroys:

50% of the minerals and fiber

75% of the protein and vitamins

100% of the hormones, oxygen, phytonutrients, and enzymes


“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear." ~ Buddha


Fear of Fat

The main sources of calories on the raw diet are fruit or fat. If a person does not consume some fat then a large amount of fruit will be required to gain the daily calories needed to survive. Eating a large amount of fruit will in turn cut down dramatically on the high volume of vegetables needed to supply much needed minerals. There will simply be no way to consume a huge volume of both fruit and vegetables. And importantly the fats help increase absorption of fat soluble vitamins and nutrients like vitamins E, D, K, and lycopene and Beta carotene.

Some healthy fats consumed with one or more meals will allow for ample vegetable intake and a well-balanced raw diet. Each individual’s ratio of fruits, vegetables, and fats may vary depending on multiple factors, but you should be able with a little fine tuning to find the ratio that works for you. And keep in mind your ratio may change over time as you progress and cleanout on the raw diet.

I have seen many people start a raw diet very high in fruit and do well short term, which is great for cleansing, but within a short time they begin to have problems and if they don’t alter their diets they fail. Massive amounts of minerals are needed to rebuild the body and most people in the world today are already mineral deficient including those that come to the raw diet. Vegetables and more specifically greens provide the massive amounts of minerals needed to lead a healthy life long term.

If you want to be successful on the raw diet, eat large amounts of greens, moderate fats, and the rest fruit. In addition to salads the greens can be juices or green smoothies, which are my favorite. I blend 50/50 greens and fruit with a tablespoon of chia seed every morning and have been doing that for nearly a decade. Before starting on smoothies I had been having mono fruit breakfasts and after a few years just never felt balanced. Green smoothies rock! I consume an avocado or equivalent with my late afternoon/evening meal. Balance is the key and healthy fats are an important part of that balance.

This information pertains to the long term diet success, not short term diets or cleanses.


There are a number of new raw juice and smoothie recipes on the website, which are great for a liquid detox, or for enjoying an easily digestible meal anytime. Please try some of these and let me know your thoughts. Enjoy.

Blueberry Banana Shake

Cilantro Banana Shake

Chocolate Shake

Better Than V8


“Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health." ~ Dalai Lama


Most days I’m posting health information, recipes, testimonies, etc on the facebook page of RAW-FOODS-DIET-CENTER.COM, so if you’re interesting in checking that out you can do that here.


Discount Super Foods and Such

Although I believe strongly in a diet comprised mostly of fresh raw foods, I do supplement with super green powders, nuts, seeds, sea vegetables, and the occasional dried fruit such as goji berries. If you’re like me you’re always looking for a good deal on quality food whether it’s fresh from the farmers market or purchased online, so I thought I would share with you where I make most of my online purchases.

You may already be aware of the Raw Food World and their “at cost” specials, but if not here you go. When you go to purchase supportive foods like those listed above you can save money and get “at cost” special pricing by going to the link below and clicking on the “at cost” specials tab. This also allows you to save up to 14% on every order of their already good deals. The important thing to remember is that fresh is best and these products are supportive and should not be your mainstay. Enjoy!

Enter Here


Continuously Updated Web Pages:

There are a number of new testimonies at the website which I hope you will read and pass on to others when you feel they would benefit. And please feel free to leave your own story if you feel moved to do so.

You need not be 100% raw to share a testimony; the fact is most people on the raw diet are not 100% anyway. Your story may inspire someone else, perhaps from the other side of the globe, to give the raw food diet a try.

Success stories.


Please send me your health questions, they can be submitted anonymously if you prefer, and you may help someone else improve their health and quality life. Your questions.

Please contact me with other questions, feedback and comments here.

Be Well and Wonderful, Hugh



The contents of my website and my newsletter are gleaned from my experiences and observations, meant only for educational purposes and not intended to replace medical advice, consultations, or treatment of any kind. I recommend you see your professional health care provider if you suspect you have an illness or disease of any kind. I'm not medically trained, and I would never suggest or imply that I know what is best for someone else's body or overall health, ultimately each of us is the only one who knows what's best for us.

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