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Vibrant Living, Issue #137 Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Benefits of the Raw Food Diet ~ Recipes
December 26, 2012
Greetings Health Seekers,


Well the end of the world has come and gone…again, and most of us are still here enjoying this wonderful game we call life. Here in the northern hemisphere the winter season is just upon us and joyfully the days will begin to lengthen now.

Shopping at our local farmers market has not been for the faint of heart these past few weeks, but still we manage to stock up on a variety of tasty fruits and vegetables. Our friends and neighbors have offered up their persimmon trees which are ripe for the picking and the house is littered with boxes of the orange globes in different stages of ripeness. I hope wherever you are that you’re enjoying fresh ripe bounty and spending time with loved ones.

In this issue of Vibrant Living, you’ll find many new recipes, some of which contain the ripe orange globes. I have a short article on an important aspect of mental health and how it pertains to recent tragic events, and another short article on what to look forward to on the raw food diet beyond the physical. Please enjoy!

Happy Holidays to you all, Hugh


“To become a blessing to others, all you need do is silently think and say, love, compassion, joy and peace.”

~ Peter Ragnar


Commentary on Tragedy

I don’t wish to rehash a sad topic during the holidays, but I feel a major part of the story is missing from the horrible incident in Connecticut several weeks ago. I think it’s important to discuss the huge role that diet and lifestyle play in keeping us and all creatures in balance and that disregarding nature’s laws will result in the slow decay and eventual death of our society. We need only to look around us and read the news headlines to see that this decay is well under way.

I believe it’s well known by many the type of physical decay we can expect with poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of fresh air, and lack of adequate sunshine, but mental and emotional decay go hand in hand with the decay of the physical person. You mix this with exposure to a chemical world and you have a recipe for decline in the healthiest of individuals. And then there’s the chemicals prescribed by the medical establishment that are supposed to smooth out these imbalances, but only serve to address symptoms and in many cases further derange the individual.

Today many of our children grow up in single parent homes without the needed input, guidance, and supervision from a mother and a father, which by itself may not be the end of the world, but it does play a role in the overall health and balance of the individual. Then there is violence on television and at the movies that dulls the senses and blurs the line in how to appropriately deal with challenges. Many of our children and young adults spend hours a day playing violent video games where they are the shooter gaining points and prestige for killing anything and everything in their sights. These many hours of isolation and emotional manipulation can affect the most strong willed among us and surely decay further those already in decline. When we stray too far from nature we all pay the price.

The government can’t solve this problem anymore than it can the health care crisis. Nothing else short of total lockdown in a police state stripped of our liberties will ever work and I don’t think anyone wants to live like that.

The Connecticut tragedy, like the spiraling health care issue and many of our challenges today, requires a grass roots solution. We must be the change we wish to see in the world. I feel it’s up to each one of us to live as closely to nature’s laws as possible and take care of our own families to become the healthiest and happiest we can be. We can share with our neighbors by example so they will come to us for the “secret” to a happy and healthy life. Neighbors can also support neighbors in finding the right help for those who are out of balance and need some professional help.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world, and that starts with right diet, exercise, fresh air, adequate sunshine, loving relationships, and belief in something bigger, even if only in nature itself.


“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.” ~ Buddha


Holiday Smoothie


Beyond the Physical

I think by now we have all heard a plethora of positive effects possible for those who follow a healthy raw food diet. They range from more energy to improved vision to darkening of grayed hair to recession or reversal of disease. Today I want to share some of the less tangible and perhaps less easily defined changes that lay in store for those who follow the raw diet for an extended period of time. Some may notice subtle changes within the first month and some may require more cleansing before they’re able to experience these subtle gifts.

First let me share one aspect of detoxing the system, which is what the raw diet does and which can be a double edged sword in some situations. The cleaner a person gets, and the more the senses come alive, the more one is able to notice the presence of pollution and chemicals. The good news is now you’re cleaner; the not so good news is now you’re also the canary in the coal mine. It can be frustrating if you live in an area with lots of auto, diesel, cigarette, and chemical pollution. This is one reason why after some time on the raw diet many people choose to move away from the city or heavily developed areas to a cleaner environment. This is still really a physical aspect of the diet, but one that can also help explain some of the more ethereal changes one can experience.

Basically we are all energy beings living in a biological world. For us to be healthy the energy must be able to move freely within and around us. At this time in this world we are dependent on food to provide many of our nutritional needs and so we must eat. This is why right eating is so important. We want to be able to provide ourselves the best nutrition, while at the same time making our meals easy to digest and pass through our bodies so as not to create any blockages for this energy flow. The entire Chinese medicine model is based on energy flow throughout and around the body.

People become energetically sick long before they become physically sick simply because this life giving energy cannot flow as it needs to. When animals in the wild (and knowledgeable humans) get sick, they fast in order to allow for the energy to flow as freely as possible without hindrance from digestion and the bulk of food.

When people embark on a raw food diet the body begins to throw off that which it does not need, specifically toxins. With the continual removal of toxic debris, excess fat and mutated tissue may be removed and the body begins to reconstruct a healthy physical body using the nutrients supplied by the food and supported by the energy flowing more freely. As the body releases the toxic and emotional debris of the past, the opportunity is presented for processing and learning from the missteps of the past.

While this process continues over months and years a person’s vibration or frequency increases making connection with other higher frequencies easier. A positive thought or idea has a higher frequency. The emotions of happiness, joy and laughter have higher frequencies. Nature and the divine (whatever that means to you) have higher frequencies. Many people talk of a much closer and clearer connection with the god of their understanding.

With continual exposure to higher frequencies life just seems to flow more smoothly and what’s really important comes to the forefront. A raw food diet is a return to nature and with that comes all the gifts nature has to offer. In this natural world your creativity may burst forth in the arts or music. You may be drawn to make a contribution of your time and expertise in a given area of your community. The more you let the process flow the more it unfolds and the universe returns to you the good you’re projecting.

Many report a much sharper intuition and being able to read people and situations much more quickly. They feel in the flow more often than not and circumstances around them seem to align for the greater good.

This energy is amazing when it comes to interpersonal relationships. It helps if everyone is enjoying the results of the raw diet, but good vibrations from one good hearted soul have a way of spreading to others, just as the tuning fork transfers its frequency. The door is eased open to deeper and more honest discussion that is at the heart of any healthy relationship. As human beings we thrive in this environment and life unfolds in ever exciting possibilities. Even love making can be a more meaningful, heightened, and communicative experience.

Now this is not to say there will never be challenges; of course there will. But the nature of how you address these challenges is at the heart of this article. When you are open to changing your perception, i.e. frequency, you change the way you look at the world, and thus change the world around you. When you are continually vibrating at a higher frequency, solutions to each challenge will be provided in a timely fashion. Living and vibrating with higher frequency means living a more joyful and fulfilling life.

To make these types of gains, consumption of a healthy diet is required. That means a diet mainly comprised of raw ripe fruits and vegetables, with some nuts and seeds, and perhaps sea vegetables. Raw diets comprised of lots of dehydrated, processed, packaged foods or with the use of bottled and packaged condiments are not part of nature’s diet and will not produce a higher vibration. Right diet when eaten to excess and gorged on is also not natural and will not increase vibration, in fact it will lower vibration and lead to dis-ease.

The healthy raw diet is simple and natural, yet a powerful resource for connecting with the greater natural world we are all a part of. Get your vibration up today!


Holiday Slaw

Cleansing Smoothie

Simple Avocado Dressing

Living Spinach Salad


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


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