With old man winter knocking on the door it’s a great time of year to be indoors putting a little more energy into our more cerebral pursuits. It’s an excellent time of year to assess one’s overall health and set new goals for achieving greater health or maintaining the level of good health one currently enjoys.

Diet, exercise, mental stimulation, spiritual connection, good relationships, positive attitude, quality sleep, and gratitude are some of the things that can boost our energy and health to a level we may have thought unattainable just a short time ago. What changes, small or otherwise, could I make right now that will provide me with a better level of health so I can enjoy a better quality of life?

One relatively small change can make a huge impact in a years’ time. What if I added ½ hr of daily exercise, started each day with a green smoothie, quite eating that one junk food I’m attached to, or worked on having a positive attitude every day? If we all did something I think next year at this time we would be so grateful we did. What do you think?

It’s my mission to provide you with sound health information and support that will help you on your journey to greater health. I am very grateful to each and every one of you for taking the time out of your full lives to read the information in the newsletter, on the website, and the new forum listed below. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This edition of Vibrant Living discusses juice fasting, the benefits of seaweed, good vegan sources of zinc, recipes and more. Please enjoy and share with a friend if you think they might be interested.


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“In order to change most of us must be sick and tired of being sick and tired." ~Author Unknown,


Well late fall has really come on strong where I live in northern California and with it many of the things that I enjoy about it so much. There’s the brisk fresh air which makes feel rejuvenated to my very core. Sun filled days and the colorful leaves of trees and bushes dotting the landscape. And of course those bared leafed trees with their hanging orange globes. Most of you know what I’m talking about, yes that’s right persimmon season is upon us…hurray for that!

As the figs fade away the persimmons come in to their full prime, and I buy them by the case from my farmers and pick my own from ripe neighborhood trees. This time of year they go into my morning smoothie, sometimes I have them with lunch, and sometimes mix them into a lettuce salad. I make the most of them while they’re in season, but the nice thing is they keep very well so I am usually enjoying them into February.

There are a number of persimmon recipes on the website, and the one below is one I just put together. It’s so yummy, but can certainly be modified to create the best smoothie for you. Enjoy!

Persimmon Smoothie Recipe


“I found freedom the moment I realized I didn't have to believe my own thoughts.” ~ Peter Ragnar


From my friend Jeff Sekerak

Journal of American Medical Association Dept., circa, 1978, claims, EXCESS PROTEIN OF ‘NO USE’ WHATSOEVER IN BODY-BUILDING PROTOCOLS (Yep, Drop that Protein Powder. And slowly back away…). Mirrors Dr. Graham’s (The 80-10-10 Diet) contention that protein should comprise no more than 10% of calories---even for serious athletes!

‘The ingestion of protein supplements by athletes who eat an otherwise well-balanced diet is of NO USE IN BODY-BUILDING PROGRAMS. Athletes need the same amount of protein foods as non-athletes. Protein does not increase strength. Indeed, it often takes greater energy to digest and metabolize the excess of protein. In addition, excess protein the athlete can induce dehydration, loss of appetite, and diarrhea’.

(Cyborski, Cathy Kapica: "Protein Supplements and Body Building Programs", Journal of the American Medical Association. 240 (1978) p. 481 Quoted in "Fit for Life" by H. and M. Diamond).



Zinc is a mineral that can be deficient in the western diet due to food processing and weakened digestive systems. It’s an incredible important nutrient as you can see from the list below. Zinc…

• Helps to balance blood sugar levels and metabolic rate.

• Regulating genetic activity and communication.

• Supports and optimal sense of smell and taste.

• Supports a strong immune system.

Signs that you may be deficient in zinc are listed below.

• Frequent colds and infections

• Lack of appetite

• Impaired sense of smell or taste

• Stunted growth in children

• Depression

Many people take some form of zinc or zinc supplement during the winter months to ward off winter colds.

Good vegan sources of zinc:

• Sesame seeds

• Pumpkin seeds

• Spinach

• Collards

• Shitake mushrooms

• Swiss chard

• Oats

• Asparagus

• Green peas

Basically eating a balanced whole foods diet will provide you with your daily need for zinc, but I find myself adding in a few pumpkin seeds here and there just to be sure. RDA for women about 8 mg. a day and for men RDA about 11 mg. per day of zinc.


“One kind word can warm three winter months” — Chinese proverb


Benefits of seaweed

Seaweeds are loaded with minerals and nutrients, and in particular one that is not present in very many other foods. Iodine is naturally occurring in seaweeds and helps with many metabolic processes carried out by the body each day. It’s said that iodine can help lower blood pressure, prevent osteoporosis, prevent cancer, and aid in brain development.

In a recent study at Newcastle University found that ‘alginate’, a fiber found in seaweed is very effective at stopping the body from absorbing fat which could help people fight obesity.

Whether seaweed can do all this on its own or not I can’t say, but I do believe that it certainly can help with these by proving the body with a wide variety of nutrients not found in such concentrations in most land vegetables.

For most of us adding some seaweed into the diet on a regular basis may not be a bad idea at all. For decades I’ve had fairly strong Asian influences that have led me to consuming many foods that would be considered strange in the west, but are known as health promoters in the east. Seaweed and other sea vegetables are most prominent on that list. Even after going raw I have kept up my consumption of seaweeds and feel it’s a great way to get super nutrition.

The only caveat is that today I am very careful about the seaweeds I eat and that they are tested for both toxins and radiation.

This webpage lists some of the more common seaweeds that can be eaten in their raw state and some of the nutrition they provide.

List of Sea Vegatables.


"Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon." ~Doug Larson


From an Interview with Dr. Richard Schulze, N.D., M.H.

SCHULZE: When you don't feel well, stop eating and go to juices.

The first thing an animal does when it is sick is stop eating. They fast themselves.

Likewise, the first thing we need to do when we don't feel well is: stop food.

There are a lot of reasons for that. Food takes a tremendous amount of energy to digest–and that's blood and energy. Our digestive system, basically the muscles and the tissues, fill with blood. When you stop eating, your digestive system rests, and all that blood and energy can be put somewhere else to heal you.

People have said to me, "What do I do for this particular disease?" Juice fasting. "What do I do for degeneration?" Juice fasting. "What do I do for heart disease?" Juice fasting. Juice fasting is the answer; because it allows your body to rest – and it lets your body choose what it wants to heal. If you just keep cramming food down your mouth, you'll just get more tired. Your body has to digest large amounts of food, and it's the opposite of what you should do when you're not well. One of my first patients had lost a tremendous amount of blood from surgery–and doctors wanted to do a transfusion. In 24 hours on juices, I brought her blood levels back up.

Interviewer: What does juice fasting do?

SCHULZE: Food has nutrition in it, but it takes a lot to break those nutrients down.

Juices are like a blood transfusion.

A glass of fruit and vegetable juice takes very little digestion, if any. It goes right into your body. We look at juices in the same way a doctor would look at an IV. It's something that can go right into your bloodstream.


Happy Holidays and A happy New Year to You all.


Discount Super Foods and Such

Although I believe strongly in a diet comprised mostly of fresh raw foods, I do supplement with super green powders, nuts, seeds, sea vegetables, and the occasional dried fruit such as goji berries. If you’re like me you’re always looking for a good deal on quality food whether it’s fresh from the farmers market or purchased online, so I thought I would share with you where I make most of my online purchases.

You may already be aware of the Raw Food World and their “at cost” specials, but if not here you go. When you go to purchase supportive foods like those listed above you can save money and get “at cost” special pricing by going to the link below and clicking on the “at cost” specials tab. This also allows you to save up to 14% on every order of their already good deals. The important thing to remember is that fresh is best and these products are supportive and should not be your mainstay. Enjoy!

The Raw Food World


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Success stories.


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Be Well and Wonderful, Hugh





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