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Are you ready for 100?

Uncovering the secrets of healthy 100-year-olds

Friday, June 11, 2010 - By Jenna Goudreau, Forbes.com

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are about 500,000 centenarians in the world, and almost 100,000 in the United States. And the population is rapidly growing. The agency projects by 2050 there will be 1.1 million centenarians in America alone. Meanwhile, researchers at Boston University predict there will be even more, estimating some 3 million baby boomers will live to be 100 or older. This begs the question: How can you live healthfully into your 100s? Experts say having good genes is half the battle, but lifestyle clearly contributes too.


How Important is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is known to impact the function and development of at least 36 different organ tissues, and influences over 2,000 genes in your body. This “vitamin” (Vitamin D is actually a hormone) is responsible for letting your cells know when to die, so new and healthy ones can replace them. This is one way that Vitamin D helps prevent cancer. Cancerous cells are cells that grow and live beyond their expiration date.

Here are some other interesting Vitamin D facts from Donna Gates:

• Vitamin D is so important to your health that Nature gave us a way to make it in our skin.

• After your skin absorbs the sunrays you make Vitamin D from the cholesterol in your body. (Another example of why having healthy cholesterol levels is important).

• Adequate amounts of Vitamin D are difficult to obtain from diet alone.

• Vitamin D made in our skin lasts longer in our body than Vitamin D taken from a supplement.

• Vitamin D deficiency is suspected to be the #1 cause of juvenile diabetes.

• Vitamin D increases your body’s ability to absorb calcium by 40%, which is critical to healthy bones and teeth.

• Vitamin D helps your body produce cathelicidin, a broad-spectrum antibiotic.

• Vitamin D is best taken with your biggest meal of the day according to recent research from the Cleveland Clinic.

By now I think you know how important this issue is. The truth is a huge part of the population is deficient in vitamin D and B-12. So if you’re having any sort of health challenges, or just feeling low you may want to get your levels of these two vites checked. ~Hugh


“One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine.”

~Sir William Osler, Aphorisms from his Bedside Teachings (1961)


Q: Does following the raw diet mean I can’t eat any cooked food?

A: No, not at all, any additional raw foods you can add to your diet will help, and if you build up to at least 50% raw foods you should see some very good results. If you’re able to eat somewhere between a 75% to 100% raw diet you can expect to experience great results. If you’re having difficulty on the raw food diet then adding some lightly steamed vegetables, squash, quinoa, or rice can provide some calorically dense foods without adding additional fat to your diet.


While margarine and saturated fats dampen insulin sensitivity, clinical studies have shown that monounsaturated fats and omega-3 oils improve insulin action. Adding further support to these studies is the fact that population studies have indicated that frequent consumption of monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil, nuts and nut oils, and omega-3 fatty acids from fish protect against the development of type 2 diabetes. Similar associations are seen with more than fifty health conditions, including heart disease, cancer, and arthritis.

- Michael Murray, N.D. and Joseph Pizzorno, N.D., The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods


Gretchen’s Summertime Yummy Mango Salad

Mango tomato salad:

ataulfo mangoes (5)

tomatoes (5 medium)

persian cucumbers (1.5 pounds)

cilantro (one bunch)

Chop each ingredient, add to bowl. Toss gently. Enjoy!

This salad is pretty close to one I enjoyed quite often when I was in Australia last year. I would add an avocado in for my fat source and a large head of romaine lettuce as well. It was my second and last meal of the day for most of the 5 weeks I was in Oz. I ate this around 2pm and by four was ready to head back to the beach, out for a hike or some other fun activity. ~Hugh


List of foods containing Goitrogens

Goitrogens are naturally occurring substances that can interfere with thyroid gland function by inhibiting iodine uptake which is a critical nutrient for hormone production. Goitrogens get their name from the term "goiter," which means an enlargement of the thyroid gland. If the thyroid gland is having difficulty producing hormones due to lack of iodine, it may increase in size (goiter) in an effort to filter more blood to get more iodine. If eaten in excess, goitrogens inter-fere with the healthy func¬tion of your thy¬roid gland, also known as the master gland because it controls and regulates the other glands.

At present there is not enough research on the relationship between goitrogenic raw foods and thyroid hormone deficiency to make any definitive statements. Most health care practitioners seem to subscribe to the opinion that those without existing thyroid problems would be fine in consuming goitrogenic foods as long as consumption is not excessive. And since the goitrogens block absorption of much needed iodine by the thyroid, eating some foods high in iodine such as sea vegetables can help support good thyroid function.

It’s important to point out that these foods also contain a great many nutrients that affect the body in a positive way and should not necessarily be avoided. It comes back to eating a wide variety of foods and being aware of the reasons for it. When we eat with the seasons we naturally eat a varied diet and with a little common sense avoid the pitfalls of overconsumption of any one food.

Research does show that steaming or otherwise cooking foods containing goitrogens does deactivate a good portion, if not all of the goitrogens. Of course many of the other nutrients are lost as well, which is why many follow a raw food diet to begin with.

Cruciferous vegetables are usually associated with goitrogenic content, but as you will see in the list below there are other common raw foods that fall into this category as well.

List of some foods containing Goitrogens

• Bok ChoY

• Broccoli

• Brussel sprouts

• Cabbage

• Cauliflower

• Collards

• Kale

• Kohlrabi

• Mustard greens

• Rutabaga

• Turnips

Foods containing small levels of Goitrogens

Bamboo shoots





Pine nuts




Sweet potatoes

Many chemical additives in foods and soy products can have a goitrogenic effect on your body.Also note that fluoride and chlorine are goitrogens as well, just another reason to drink pure water and have a good filter on your shower.


Simple carbohydrates, or sugars, are quickly absorbed by the body, resulting in a rapid elevation in blood sugar level, stimulating a corresponding excessive elevation in serum insulin levels. It is thought by some that the natural, simple sugars found in fruits and vegetables have an advantage over sucrose and other refined sugars, in that they are balanced by a wide range of nutrients which aid in the utilization of the sugars. However, it is more significant that the sugars in whole, unprocessed foods are more slowly absorbed because they are contained within cells and are associated with fiber and other food elements.

- Michael T. Murray, N.D., Joseph E. Pizzorno, N.D., Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Revised Second Edition


“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” ~ Joseph Campbell



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Be Well and Wonderful, Hugh




The contents of my website and my newsletter are gleaned from my experiences and observations, meant only for educational purposes and not intended to replace medical advice, consultations, or treatment of any kind. I recommend you see your professional health care provider if you suspect you have an illness or disease of any kind. I'm not medically trained, and I would never suggest or imply that I know what is best for someone else's body or overall health, ultimately each of us is the only one who knows what's best for us.

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