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Your Raw Food Recipes

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“Progress is very important and exciting – in everything but food.” - Andy Warhol


Here are the 2nd five of the Basic Ten. Enjoy! And please make sure to read the articles at the bottom also. :-)

Basic Ten for Optimal Health #6 through #10

6) Ripe food is healthy food, and unripe food is poison. Even if we are eating the right foods, if they are not fully matured, ready for eating and containing the enzymes necessary for their complete digestion then we are eating unhealthy food. Unripe food is also acidic in nature which creates an additional burden on the body. One example of a vegetable many people have problems with is green bell peppers. The reason for this is that they are simply unripe. If left on the plant they will turn color as they ripen and become digestible. When we’re young we may be able digest them by drawing on our own enzymes resources, but over time they become a big problem for most people. Something overlooked quite often is how farmers are picking crops weeks before their maturity so they can make it to market without spoiling and damage. Look your food over when you buy it, does it have green spots, is it hard as a rock, where did it come from. Get to know the workers in the produce section of your market or better yet the farmers at your local farmers market and ask about the food you are buying. You will probably get your ripest fruits and veggies at your local farmers market. And if after you get home and find something is unripe or has gone bad days later don’t be afraid to feed it to the compost instead of yourself. After all its health you’re after and the money spent for food that had to be discarded is nothing compared to the price you’ll pay in compromised health from eating bad food.

7) Eat as close to nature as possible. Try to eat foods that are not processed, but rather come in their natural packaging. A fresh raw corn salad would be a better choice than cooked corn on the cob, which would be a better choice that corn chips. A fresh ripe apple is a whole food and better than a glass of apple juice, which would be better than a slice of apple pie. Nature never intended for us to eat the myriad of concoctions that the human imagination has come up with and have become mainstream today. You don’t see pizza trees or hamburger bushes in nature, and as appealing as they may seem to our denatured taste buds, they are not meant to be included in our natural diet, and are certainly not healthy for us. Modern man lives to a fairly decent age, albeit with many diseases and health complications, not because of his diet, but rather in spite of it. If you would like to learn more about modern man’s diet as it relates to health, the environment, and our future as a planet visit ravediet.com and check out the DVD entitled Eating.

8) Live food vs. Raw Food. Although raw food is a huge improvement over modern man’s typical diet, live food is that much more of an improvement again. A head of romaine lettuce even from the farmers market may be 24 to 48 hrs out of the ground so it has begun to lose much of its vitamin content, a portion of the enzymes, and a fair amount of the life force. So just imagine a head of romaine from the grocery store that may be a week or more out of the ground. Or tomatoes or other fruit picked weeks before you see them in your local market. On the other hand produce from your garden picked just before your meal is full of life force, vitamins and enzymes. I would like to suggest everyone start at least a small garden plot or even pots on your deck and begin to grow some of your own food. Perhaps take a trip to the local nursery and purchase a fruit tree or two that will provide lifetimes of live food for you and your family. Don’t have a green thumb? Visit http://www.vegetable-gardening-online.com/ and get a little help. If your space is severely limited or you’re in the midst of winter then indoor sprouting is a fantastic way to go. Both The Hippocrates Health Institute and The Sproutman have information online and by book or DVD to get you started. Sprouts contain incredible energy and life force, and it’s said that wheat grass and sunflower seed sprouts have 30 times the life force of other sprouts. I would encourage anybody who wants to experience optimal health to include more live foods in their daily diet.

9) Daily Exercise. Yes, exercise aids digestion. It helps with circulation and to work the lymphatic system which is the body’s waste removal system. When we exercise we breathe deeply and bring in loads of good oxygen vital to remaining healthy. At the same time with every exhale our lungs expel toxins cleaning the body and the blood. Walking is good but try to get as much upper body movement in as you can while you walk. We don’t get stiff, tired, weak and sedentary because we get old. We get old because we fail to exercise and keep moving every day. To become sedentary is to become old. Daily exercise is as important as diet, without it we become a shell of the person we once were and our health slowly disintegrates. Daily exercise at an appropriate level is paramount to retaining our youthful body and spirit. Find a walking partner, go swimming, play tennis, take a yoga or tai chi class, or go for a hike. Exercise is also known to improve mood and the quality of our sleep.

10) It’s what you do most of the time that counts. We all slip up now and then, but it’s what we do most of the time that counts with our diets, exercise, and really anything in life. However it’s important to make sure what we do most of the time is consistent in terms of achieving the results we want. Often you hear people say something like “oh come on, one little piece of cake won’t kill you”. And in the grand scheme of things they’re probably right. Although if they have the cake, and had raw cacao truffles during mid morning break, fast food for lunch, and pizza last night, and will have nut pate and a package of dehydrated crackers for lunch tomorrow….well you see where I’m going. It can be very helpful for anyone making lifestyle and or diet changes to keep track of what was eaten, and when, how much exercise, and anything else you’re trying to monitor and implement in your life. Always do the best you can where you are in the moment, and if you slip, even in a big way, don’t beat yourself up and feel guilty. Use it as a learning experience to move you forward with renewed dedication for improving your health. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. A brand new beginning to become whatever it is you choose to be.

More information on these principles can be found within the pages of the website. https://www.raw-foods-diet-center.com/


"No one can contemplate directly eating 13 pats of butter, but they essentially do when they eat a cheeseburger." William Conner, M.D., The New American Diet ************************************

According to The Rave Diet & Lifestyle, by Mike Anderson, “Conventional treatments do not cure cancer. – Despite what you’ve read in the news, the success rate for breast cancer, for example, has not changed over the last 80 years. – The cancer success rate you hear about in the news are due primarily to statistical manipulation as a result of increases in ‘five year survival’ rates. This increase, however, is due solely to early detection – which simply means that the clock measuring ‘five year survival’ starts running sooner, NOT that patients live any longer. In other words, the improvement in survival rates is merely a statistical deception. The patient ‘lives longer’ within the five year clock, simply because the clock starts sooner due to early detection.”


Diet and Disease

Neurosurgeon, author, and health advocate Dr Russell Blaylock, says “Scientific evidence indicates that diet, as in so many other types of cancer, plays a major role in prostate cancer. Diets high in vegetable oils, red meats, trans fats, and sugar, but low in selenium, natural vitamin E, zinc, and lycopene increase a man’s risk of developing prostate cancer.”

Sounds like more confirmation that eating a plant based diet, or at least a diet based largely on plant foods, is the way to go if one trying to stay fit, healthy, and avoid disease. Dr T. Colin Campbell shows in his landmark book, the China Study, that the higher the vegetable consumption in ones diet the lower the incidence of disease, including cancers, heart disease, and stroke. This was a huge study carried out over many years, with the clear outcome that veggies are a good thing to say the least.

So we can clearly see that a raw food diet provides us with plenty of veggies and all the natural goodness they contain, both known and unknown. When we eat foods in their natural state, we don’t need to guess if we are getting all their goodness because it’s all there in the natural packaging.

It seems almost daily there is more evidence coming from some study that clearly shows eating more veggies in their natural state is the path to good health, and disease prevention. Eating as close to nature and consuming far more fruits and veggies than other foods is good for us, social interactions between neighbors and nations, and the environment. In the long run it’s the only thing that will turn our healthcare mess, environmental and energy issues, and many of other problems around.

Please endeavor to do your part in becoming a healthier being and better steward of the planet simply by replacing some cooked food in your diet with raw foods.


If you would like to share one of your favorite original raw food recipes please send one in and yours could be selected for the next newsletter. I value your opinion so please feel free to send your comments or questions to hugh@raw-foods-diet-center.com

Be Well and Wonderful, Hugh https://www.raw-foods-diet-center.com/ hugh@raw-foods-diet-center.com


The contents of my website and my newsletter are gleaned from my experiences and observations, meant only for educational purposes and not intended to replace medical advice, consultations, or treatment of any kind. I recommend you see your professional health care provider if you suspect you have an illness or disease of any kind. I’m not medically trained, and I would never suggest or imply that I know what is best for someone else’s body or overall health, ultimately each of us is the only one who knows what’s best for us.

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